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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Love Your Kid's Laces with Shoe Fobbz

Wow Mom Wednesdays

While I'm on top of the cool things for five-year olds, I'll admit, I'm not the authority on what makes six-year olds (and up) say, "That's cool mom." 

Earlier this summer I got the chance to get my hands on 16 sets of Gutzy Gear, a line of backpack straps and patches to personalize and accessorize your kiddo's backpack. I shared them with my son's class as a back-to-school gift and the class went wild. I wasn't ready for the reaction, but I've learned that I should keep my ear to the ground when it comes to what's the next big thing. (You remember those rubberband bracelets, right?)

Gutzy Gear gives kids a chance to personalize their backpack with removable patches.

So when I caught wind of Shoe Fobbz, I was willing to see what the buzz was about. As a Croc-wearing family (we have dozens, really), I was already aware of Jibbitz (the genius idea to personalize your Crocs with little charms that your kids will bug you to have.) However, Fobbz are the equivalent of Jibbitz, but for tennis shoes. 

Since we were currently are embarking on "real shoes" for winter versus our sandals for summer, these made our transition from our "Lego and Thomas Crocs" to big-kid shoes much easier. Best of all, at less than $5 and cute packaging, I've be using these as favors for birthday gifts, so the kids then switch them out at school. 

So when my kid found out I had the Halloween monsters pack, I got a "cool, mom!," so it's totally means it's worth a share for "Wow Mom! Wednesdays!"

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