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Monday, October 15, 2012

Suck it Up and Suck it In (with a Corset)

Me MondaysPart of my never-ending challenge to create a better me...

When I think of the word 'corset' I  immediately think of Scarlet and Aunt Mammy in “Gone with the Wind.” The two women working to lace her up before going to the Wilkes BBQ and then later again in the movie, when she talks about trying to make her 21 inch waist go back done to 19 inches.  That actually makes me laugh now since it’s been a while since I was 21 inches – a very long time and I certainly haven't been wearing a least not until now.

Scarlet and Aunt Mammy work together to cinch her waist back to 19 inches in "Gone With the Wind."

However, what I used to think as that thing that women USED to wear back then (or if you are a pop star on stage) isn’t so passé anymore. Actually corsets are back on the rise reports the BBC; real women are actually wearing them again as daily undergarments in attempts to make things look a little smaller, a little smoother and in some cases, a little sexier. And after giving birth to two children, a girdle or a corset now seems like small potatoes to get all that mess in the middle to look a little better.

Then last week a special package ended up in my mailbox from With Halloween around the corner and a mama still without something to wear, I was intrigued to see what the box had in store for me. And of course, being committed to the cause to help other women like myself and in hopes to squeeze my ass into a pair of my B2K (before two kids) jeans, I happily pulled them out and began the siphoning process.

Devil costume includes corset, skirt and accessories. (Photo courtesy of  

When I opened things up I found both a witch and a devil complete with a skirt and appropriate accessories.  They were really hot outfits, although it was still going to take some guts and a few shots of liquor to wear thse out of my house. I will admit I now understand why it took Scarlet and Mammy to cinch her in – it really is a two-man process. I had intended to be THAT wife and put one of them on for show after a weekend away, but I really needed his help to put me in it or get it off of me when he got home (it was a lot less sexy and a lot more funny than you could have imagined.)

Add a hat and this corset and skirt becomes a witch costume. (Photo courtesy of 

But once I got it on, I did feel pretty hot mama. I couldn't breathe so great, but at least I looked good. And along with a pair of fishnet pantyhose and sexy shoes, I was going to conquer Halloween, even if the only trick-or-treat was going to be happening behind closed doors. ;>

As for suggesting if a corset is for you? That’s all up to you (and your waistline.) However, can give you a chance to try one out without making a huge financial commitment. And they certainly make it fun with all kinds of cute outfits for Halloween (and more if you’re looking at adult dress up time.) The only thing you should know is to ignore the sizing and cut them off immediately when you receive them at home. For instance a size XL is an 8-10, so if your waistline is over 32 inches, get ready for 2XL. Not exactly what you want to see before you slide your tummy into a piece of lingerie, but that’s nothing a pair of scissors can’t fix. 


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