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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Get Your Ticket to Ride...Flywheel is Moms' Dream to Nightclub + Fitness

Try-It Tuesday:

One of my favorite parts of our IMPROVED YOU series is our new "Try-It Tuesday." We all need to exercise, but goodness knows it does get boring running, stepping on the climber or doing your Jane Fonda in front of the boob tube. So I'm taking a look at some of the newer, cooler ways to burn calories and get fit in 2013. 

My first look is at my latest obsession, FLYWHEEL. First of all, I love spin so I knew I would enjoy this new concept of spin plus a lot, lot more, but I wasn't sure what to expect. Oh baby, it was a kick-butt kinda time, but I loved every part of it!

My normal basic spin class at my local gym includes a stationery bike with a torque (think a knob with a gear shift) to change you tension as you ride with music, a class full of other riders and your instructor.  You bring your own shoes and ride out for around an hour at your own speed -- sweating your hiney off together. (You just better get there on time or you might not get a spot.) 

The Dallas FLYWHEEL class takes places at the FLYWHEEL location in Highland Park. The best way to describe the experience was like a spin class meets a nightclub at a spa. You're provided your bike shoes and then your off to the "disco room" - a room set up stadium style, that goes dark when the class starts, an instructor seated in the front of the room and a BMW of spin cycles. 

The spin cycle not only included comfortable handles to help you hold on in different postures, but also a torque with a screen to allow you to see exactly what you were (or weren't doing) in class. That torque made sure you were pulling your weight, but that's not all. The board really made you work it, especially if you're a competitive type. If you choose, you can choose a name to "compete" on the board so you know exactly where you rank with the rest of the class. (I loved this and because I chose an anonymous name, no one knew who I was, but I still was able to "race.")

And just about the time you thought you couldn't go anymore, the weight bars came out to get those arms in for a full-body workout. However, I did survive and burned around 850 calories in the process! 

WOW! And I had fun. A lot of fun. Did I mention the part about a nightclub? The music in the class was amazing (crafted by a DJ) and made me feel less like I was working out and more like I was dancing - and best of all, I was able to throw down and no one could see me (since the lights were out!)

Best of all, you get to keep track of all your progress on your own portal. Each time you spin, your cycle records your instructor, your speed, your distance and your CALORIES BURNED! This way you can always work for improvement and schedule out your next class. 

So are you ready to ride? 

You should be. FLYWHEEL makes burning fat fun - and your first class is free! What a great way to get 2013 going...with me at FLYWHEEL! 

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